Reading Rainbow!

Ahh, another favourite app I just found.. Reading Rainbow! I’m freaking out right now!

Growing up in Canada in the mid ’80’s to mid-90’s (in the days before satellite and digital television) watching North American tv shows meant you were pretty much guaranteed to have seen the children’s program ‘Reading Rainbow’ at some point in your childhood. Hosted on the popular American television network ‘PBS’(home of the beloved children’s favourite ‘Seasame Street’), Reading Rainbow was one the very first shows to encourage children to read. It worked for me!

It’s so exciting to see a reinvention of this wonderful children’s show being put into an app for today’s generation of kids (which includes my 6 year old son!). I can’t wait to start using it.

Here’s a retro clip of the introduction to this great show, which I remember so well.

Until next time, Stay cyber-safe!


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