More on the iPad…Oh, the app-ibilities!

I thought I would share a few great sites I found which outline and review some of the best educational apps there are out there for children ages 8 years and under.

Apple iTunes has dedicated a page to all it’s ‘Educational Apps’ and more, which you can find here: Apple in Education .

UK Newspaper ‘The Guardian/Observer’ reviews “The 50 best children’s apps for smartphones and tablets”

A few favourites that I’ve come across so far are:

Maily: An introduction into the world of e-mail and instant messaging, ‘Maily’ allows children a safe and easy way to create and send digital drawings, notes and messages and send them to family and friends.

Magic Piano : A virtual piano that warps into shapes, children are able to control the notes, rhythm and tempo of each piece while Magic Piano serves as their guide. They can also experiment with the sound of different instruments! This app is a great introduction to music comprehension!

Thanks to mrsgrimshaw for her insights on class-blogging, which gave me something extra to think about for practical experience!

That’s all for now! ๐Ÿ™‚

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